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How To Loose Weight Naturally

how to loose weight naturally

how to loose weight naturally - God's Diet:

God's Diet: A Short and Simple Way to Eat Naturally, Lose Weight, and Live a Healthier Life

God's Diet: A Short and Simple Way to Eat Naturally, Lose Weight, and Live a Healthier Life

Dorothy Gault-McNemee is a medical doctor who had tried every diet she could find to control the weight gains that had plagued her throughout her life. As the founding physician of a busy health clinic, she also saw that overweight patients who were suffering from a variety of diseases were far worse off than those who had their weight under control.

As a result, Dr. Gault-McNemee began to examine what we eat and what our slimmer,healthier ancient forebears ate. They didn't have processed foods and access to sugar; they weren't consuming alcohol and foods that had been mixed with artificial ingredients they couldn't pronounce. They were eating what God put on this earth: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, grains, and nuts. And thus was God's Diet born.

In other words, if you can't pick it, pluck it, pull it from the earth, or scale it, don't eat it. If you pick up a can or a package of food that includes even one ingredient that you can't identify, don't eat it. Dr. Gault-McNemee also cautions that far too many foods contain sugar as an additive, from cereal to bread to canned vegetables.

Prepare foods simply and avoid sugar, but while you're at it, have a steak and a baked potato with butter and sour cream.

In God's Diet, Dr. Gault-McNemee has compiled numerous case studies from her own practice; inspiring advice from people like herself, whose lives have been changed for the better; information on vitamins, minerals, and cholesterol; and menu-planning advice and delicious recipes. The doctor has also prepared three lists of foods: those which you can eat all you reasonably want, those you should avoid, and a "swing list" of foods that you may enjoy occasionally and with limitations.

God's Diet enables you to lose weight simply and naturally without having to remember any complex diet regimen. By incorporating simple habits into our lives -- paying attention to food labels, drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day, and exercising reasonably -- we can easily and radically change the way we live, while becoming healthier and living longer.

Never has there been a simpler or more logically thought out weight-control guide. There is nothing to count or exchange, no special foods to buy.

Everything you need to live a slimmer, healthier life is in your supermarket, if you follow the advice of Dr. Gault-McNemee, whose vast experience with fad diets and overweight patients led her to conceive this brilliant little book.

This truly is the last diet book you'll ever buy.

Remember, if God didn't make it, don't eat it!

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Mongolian composite recurve bow

Mongolian composite recurve bow

The Old Mongolian bow was incomparably superior to everything seen in the West.

The military use of the bow
When we are talking about Mongolian bows, the first thoughts go the their military use, although hunting and target practice certainly were more prominent activities. Every day was not filled with war, but hunting and the training of various skills were part of the daily routine. However, we will start with the military aspect.

In the military, each soldier carried two bows on horseback. One bow was for long-range shooting, another for shooting at close distances. Also, each soldier had two quivers with arrows for different purposes. To mention but a few of these, there were armor-piercing arrows with a particularly heavy arrowhead of tempered steel, there were incendiary arrows for setting buildings afire and spreading fear in the enemy ranks, as well as whistling arrows for signalling. Of course, the majority of arrows they carried were ordinary arrows where the arrowhead and length of the shaft were adjusted to the normal range at which the particular type arrow was to be used. The standard, according to James Chambers, was that each soldier should have at least sixty arrows with him or her. Yes; it merits mention once more that the strongest and most courageous Mongolian females rode along with the men and fought bravely. Also, the women who did not ordinarily participate in military activity nevertheless had to learn how to wield the bow, a necessary skill for self-defence as well as hunting.

The construction
We are now going into the details of the Mongolian bow. As already mentioned, it was the most capable bow in the world, and probably still is. Even though the modern high-tech compound bows are in some ways more convenient to use and can be made equally powerful, the sheer simplicity of the Mongol composite bow with its complete indepencence of foreign equipment and complicated parts that the archer cannot easily repair or replace makes the Mongol bow on balance a superior solution. In order to show the Mongols and their extraordinary bow the proper respect, the story is mostly told in the present tense, which also serves to emphasize the salient point that these things can be done today as well.

The Mongol bow is not as large and long as the English one, but it is vastly more powerful. The draw weight of an English longbow averages around 70-80 pounds, whereas the Old Mongol bow had a pull that, according to George Vernadsky, averaged at around 166 pounds. Chambers states that the pull varied from 100 to 160 pounds. This seeming discrepancy certainly reflects the fact that draw weight varied with the strength of the user, and with what use the bow had been made for. As could be expected, there was a considerable difference in shooting range. Whereas the English longbow could shoot at distances up to 250 yards or around 228 meters, the Mongol counterpart can hit its target at 350 yards or 320 meters and, if the archer is well trained for the task, even beyond that.

There are people who claim that the Old Mongols could shoot and hit their target over truly astonishing distances. Gongor Lhagvasuren, Deputy Director at the Mongolian National Institute of Physical Education, has written an article called "The stele of Chinggis Khan." There, Lhagvasuren refers to an ancient inscription on a stone found in the basin of the river Kharkiraa, a left tributary of Urlengui river which flows into the trans-Bajkal river Erdene. The text of the inscription, supposedly dated from 1226, may be interpreted as follows: "While Chinggis Khan was holding an assembly of Mongolian dignitaries, after his conquest of Sartaul (East Turkestan), Esungge shot a target at 335 alds" (536m). Lhagvasuren draws the conclusion in his article that such feats were rather common for Mongolian archers during the 1200's, and writes: "This case illustrates the strength, accuracy and sharpness, physical prowess of the Mongolians who lived more than 700 years ago." Whether or not we find it likely that Mongolian archers could regularly hit their targets at the distances Lhagvasuren claims they could, there is no question that they and their and bows are outstanding in all of archery's history.

When we take a closer look at the Mongolian bow, we see that it is an intriguing construction indeed. The backbone of the bow is a wooden frame, which will typically be birch, because that wood is resilient and is also readily available. The total length of the frame is 150-160 cm. When the bow is unstrung, it looks like a semi-circle with a beautifully curvaceous shape, but when a string is attached the whole thing is stretched out so that its limbs are bent inward. Even so, these limbs with string attachments are bent slightly away from the archer, forming a double curve. It is this double curve that delivers explosive acceleration and awesome velocity to the arrow. From these limbs or bends of th



we live in a society where magazines, tv and celebrities determine how we look and how we dress.
when i studied media i always prized myself with never wanting to conform to that...
but i look now, and i realize that i have conformed to that.
i'm a perfectly normal sized girl, i'm quite petite so i'm naturally quite slim.

but now, i yearn to be skin and bones, i want my collarbones to stick out and have a washboard stomach. why? because thats not feminine! having no boobs, no curve is not the female figure.
now no offence to anyone who is naturally skinny, thats beautiful too!
but my body shape is slightly curvy, yet when i step on the scales or see my body i feel sick at the though of any fat, and i want to diet to exercise anything to loose weight?
why? thats not me. thats the people on the front of magazines, why do i want to look like them? what is wrong with our society?!

how to loose weight naturally

how to loose weight naturally

How I Reversed My Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Hypothyroidism

This is the first book of its kind, in which the author details the specific step by step approach, he took to reduce his Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Hypothyroidism. This is an impelling story that will inform and inspire the reader. This is a must read for any sufferer of Hypothyroidism or autoimmune related disorders, who is open to alternative treatments. The book will keep the reader engrossed anticipating the next turn in this fascinating journey to recovery. It presents a personal triumph in laymans terms that are easy to relate to. Its a message of Hope, Faith and Joy!
In addition to being an inspiring source of possibilities, it is also packed with valuable Thyroid related resources. The author provides a Personal Health Diary as well, which the reader can utilize on their personal journey to improved health.

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