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Subway subs calories - Lily allen weight loss 2011.

Subway Subs Calories

subway subs calories

subway subs calories - Pyramid BNPS102

Pyramid BNPS102 10-Inch 1000-Watt Dual-Bandpass System with Neon Accent Lighting

Pyramid BNPS102 10-Inch 1000-Watt Dual-Bandpass System with Neon Accent Lighting

Pyramid Car Audio BNPS102 Subwoofer BNPS102 719

The BNPS102 from Pyramid Car Audio features two 10-inch woofers in a custom-built band-pass box. This drop-in system is designed to create some serious bass, with a monster 1,000 watts of power handling and its bandpass design. As an added bonus, the built-in neon accent lighting gives it an attractive custom look.

Two 10-inch woofers in a custom-built bandpass box.

Built-in neon accent lighting for some visual appeal.

View dimension diagram.
High-Powered Subs
The BNPS102 comes loaded with two 10-inch high-powered Pyramid subwoofers. They feature a silver polypropylene cone for rigidity with good internal damping, to deliver more accurate and well-rounded low-end. Polypropylene is also known for its weather resistance, which is ideal for the temperature extremes common to automobile applications.
A specially treated rubber surround is also ready for a beating, and the 2-inch aluminum voice coil can handle high temperatures, for all-around performance no matter how hard you're hitting it.
Bandpass Design
Bandpass enclosures give you the best of both worlds. In this case, the two 10-inch subs are mounted inside a sealed chamber, which then deliver sound to the ported chamber through four specially tuned ports and into your vehicle. The result is a narrow frequency range with tons of volume, without sacrificing efficiency.
A Little Flash . . .
Sound may be everything, but a little bit of visual appeal never hurts. The BNPS102 features a plexiglass front window and built-in neon accent lighting with that in mind.
Two-Year Limited Warranty
Get some added peace of mind with your purchase thanks to Pyramid's two-year warranty.
BNPS102 Specs
Enclosure type:Bandpass
Ports:4 tuned
Peak power:1,000 watts
Frequency response:35 Hz to 1 kHz
Dimensions:14 x 28.5 x 13 inches (D x W x H)

What's in the Box
Pyramid BNPS102 enclosure and user's manual.

79% (15)

365 Days: Day 58: (Day 29)

365 Days: Day 58: (Day 29)

I didnt do to bad today. It was probably my worst day so far eating foods though. I ate my usual bar for breakfast and snack. Then for lunch i had a 6 inch turkey sub from subway. Just now though we went to chris' parents house and ate some soup his mom made. It had shrimp and bacon in it. The bacon was really the only bad thing it had in it, but still. I only ate one bowl though. She also made some crab rangoon thingies. I had two of them. It was a good thing i was only sitting on about 700 calories before then. Goodness. Those people like foods. Anyway, any guesses on how much i've lost? The weigh in is tomorrow.



started counting calories today. I'm going to go off of a 1000 calorie diet.

fun fact-subway's veggie subs with vinegar and black pepper on it are only 220 calories.

this is a classic thing that I would start and not finish, but, my goal weight is 160, so, why not post my progress here?

subway subs calories

subway subs calories

PYLE PLW10BL 10-Inch 600 Watt Subwoofer

Pyle’s Blue Label series speakers don’t just sound great – they look great, too. Feast your eyes upon the azure curves of Pyle’s Blue Label series and you’ll agree. This 10”, 600-watt subwoofer will give your sound system that extra kick you’re looking for. The blue CD wave electro-plated cone reproduces the low-end accurately for punchy, powerful bass. The wide butyl rubber surround with bumped vented pole piece keep your speaker secure and distortion-free. It’s all powered by a 70 oz. magnet structure with 1.5” high-temperature Kapton voice coil. Pyle’s Blue Label has premium bass at a great price.

Add a little more low-end to your life. Well, maybe not a little--more like 600 Watts. Pyle's PLW10BL is a 10-inch sub that delivers just that, 600 Watts of peak power. And it looks good while it does it, in striking blue. Add one to your enclosure today for booming bass without sacrificing big bucks.

Get the blues. Click to enlarge.

70 oz. magnet structure.

Electro-plated cone with butyl rubber surround.
The PLW10BL features a blue CD wave electro-plated cone that looks great and sounds great. The butyl rubber surround lets you get the most out of your speaker, and will hold up to all the stresses of the auto environment (sunlight, extreme temperatures, etc.).
The 1.5-inch Katpon voice coil is well-suited for high-temperatures, and the vented pole piece helps dissipate heat, to achieve more efficient operation.
Feeling Blue?
In addition to the blue cone, the PLW10BL features a blue steel basket, for an extra splash of color.
PLW10BL Specs

Impedance: 4 Ohms
Peak Power: 600 Watts
Fs: 35.9
Qms: 5.72
Qes: 0.83
Qts: 0.73
Vas (Cu ft.): 1.932
SPL: 86.7dB
Overall Diameter: 10.16 inches
Mounting Depth: 4.45 inches
What's in the Box
Pyle PLW10BL 10-Inch 600 Watt Subwoofer, User's Manual, Mounting Hardware

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